Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Program Kepimpinan Tun Razak 2008

Assalamualaikum and greeetings everyone............
Since my friends are posting this thing in english,so this post is totally english with some understandable malay terms.haha.

Hmm,it was on the 4th of april when i set my foot on the peninsular.this is the first time ever i came to this,kim fung took the same flight to kuala lumpur on that night.we arrived about two hours later at 11p.m. nothing much to see because it was dark and dull.boring............after that we waited for two more friends,danny and rahim.we were the first four pktrians to arrive.haha.

Sitting in a honda stream,uncle sam brought us to casa 1 majlis sukan negara.we spent our night there in room 603...................
next thing in the morning,i saw azrul and bobo in our room.we were surprised at that,we get to know each other after that.

well,these are the places we visited and what are the comments.............
1. Majlis sukan negara bukit jalil
our first stop during the camp.nice place to stay.Imagine living in the same apartment with lee chong wei,kuan beng hong, bryan nickson lomas and many more.i met my friends here and we shared lots of experiences together.activities,talks,riadah...............i miss these things!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.residence hotel kuala lumpur
the opening ceremony was held there.we met Dato' seri najib tun razak's Brother,Dato' Nazim and his wife,Datin Norjuma Habib.nice food and i enjoyed it.

3.Palace of the golden horses
the best place i've visited.Thanks to Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew for this opportunity.i really appreciate it.the place was spectacular.nice chinese cuisine.i like the ambience and the atmosphere suits the standard of the hotel.we've been there twice during this program.the second time we went for a boatride to mines resort was cool and i like the panorama........ tun razak
A must visit place.especially lake gardens.the place where we organised a charity event.i miss the kids............however,this place brings me a lot of new ideas and knowledges.we got to know many people like Tan Sri Dato' Arshsd Ayub,Ms Chan Ai Cheng, Mr.Agil Natt,Puan Hamidah Naziadin and many more. Tun Mahathir and memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman
full of priceless things and inspired me to start collecting stuffs starting today.haha.few pictures were taken.I still remember the moment we saw a 'ghost' at memorial Tun was actually a robot chef frying the vegetables........hmm,i almost cried at Tunku's memorial.his contributions to the country was so touching.a great leader who created the independance for malaysia...

6.arkib negara
we learnt to handle manuscripts and yet to know more on our national documets and files.without it, the country has nothing to proud of.

wonderful place to to know the operating systems, the procedures and we saw the set up for the 'jangan lupa lirik ' show.and saw few celebrities that i don't remember their names.

8.Kuala Kubu Bharu Selangor
outdoor is fun!!!!!!!i enjoyed rafting with didi,nishan,anis and tracey.there was once we passed through the 12 feet 'jeram',i was thrown out from the raft and found myself under the raft after that.haha.we learnt about teamwork and mental strengths.

9.Kampung lonek jempol,negeri sembilan
I was amazed by the environment.the people are friendly and willing to share their thoughts and experiences.the kampung dishes very pedas sampai menyongge........terpaksa minum air sojuk.tidur pun payah nak bongka.and most important, i cought a fish with my own hands in the mudpool, i assumed.i miss my 'mak' and 'ayah'.hope they are fine and happy..............

10.other places,
casa rachado,port dickson
the royale bintang,seremban
muzium negeri sembilan
tandas2 that i've visited
lake gardens,kuala lumpur
menara PNB ,Kuala Lumpur
and many more................

to my friends
May - nice voice during the persembahan,.........MAK,MAK,LAPAR MAK.......
Anis - penyajak yang hebat
Yin - arsenal fan,great musician
Tan - my brother,haha,thanks for the medical advice
Daren - thanks for teaching me few chinese words
Hanif - thanks, you tunjuk i seitar kuala lumpur,jadi penghulu yang hebat.....
Joscinda - Mummy!!!!!!!!thanks for everything,you are a great and nice friend
Ju lin - first time met in the pajero and we eat half-boiled egg at mamak stall near klcc
Ding - with me when writing the letters till 1 a.m. good friend and great drummer..
Ji ching - it took me five days to say your name correctly.don't know why.....haha
yashini - i'll remember you.......'hai,wan'...hancur hatiku bila mendengar kata2 itu.
vijaya - for being the facilitators during charity event
siti asfarina - thanks for everything,you are a nice person to talk to.......
Gary - i'll remember you handsome,YB,and your weird experiences...
sin toun - nice person,sometimes blur,and a good actress
alya - what goes in pktr,stays in pktr, thanks for sharing your opinions and advices.
maryam - sorry if we left you at msn that day............
panier - i enjoy tamil songs,hope to see you again,prime minister
tarsha - nice duet with asha ,i already download the song journey to the past
najah - good wife to hafiz,haha,just joking.
baihaqi - thanks for your laptop and the wireless thingy
jasmine - bondainye,,,sabtuyeeee.......good and nice person
stephanie - good coach, i learnt new strecthing techniques from you
hafiz - makan manok banyak2.haha
asha - are so hyper that i still remember you in my dream........
azim - you memang versatile,dengan lawak selambe...........
nishan - great leader,hope you be the next jimmy choo..........
bosco - say my name if you read this,i'll remember you,manutd fan!!!!!
fatima - nice costume,lain kali cuba costume anime lain,'re a nice person,seriously....
nisha - thanks to you my friend.first time met in the pajero.haha.and my mc buddy
adila ( didi )- you be my didi,ok? pktr rocks!!!!!!!!
saiful - yes!!!!!!!!ikan terkedek-kedek, hinggap di atas kali,pesan la datuk nenek,lu fikir la sendiri...........
fatin - semoga jadi isteri yang baik......hehe
alicia - flexible dancer,hope to see you soon..........
bobo - thank you sebab tolong aku dengan baju aku yang hangus ari tu.........haha
sue rin - thanks for everything.a caring and nice person
sakinah - kirim salam kt nik madihah!!!!!hope to see you again
danny - a great person and the loudest laugh ever in pktr.nice to meet you,buddy!
jaramier - a good conductor,i'll remember the lontaran suara........
tracey - thanks for everything,your laptop and many more
rahim - be a good baker and keep in touch!!!!!!
ratna - ratu sulaman,akan ku ingat kata2 hikmatmu........
ryner - nice to meet you,be a good doctor someday...........
hilda - all the best to you!!!!!!!!
ikhwan - i'll remember you,yes,correct!!!!!!
kim fung - happy 10 years of friendship. maaafkan saya jika saya bersalah selama ini..
candy - be a successful person one day!!!majulah kita demi negara

and myself,Ridhwan - thanks to all of you..........miss you very strong.haha.
okay for this time.more posts to come!!!!!!!


D i La said...


sebak je ase bace blog pasal pktr ni. bleyh terbayang2 je depan mate sume experience kite bersame. ;)

ARSHAD said...

patut la lamak sik dgr brita

hurun said...

slm nama kiut ya wan..:]

asha said...

you left me out!! haha

Chia Ern said...

Ridwhan~ Ridwhan~

kekeke~ I missed PKTR so much..
T_T sob.. hope to meet everybody sometime in the future.. Aaah~
Not fair, everything ended so soon..

Blue_ sintoun said...
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Blue_ sintoun said...

Sorry...Type wrong pulak.Hmm.Good actress.Thanks a lot for your support lorr.I will be a good acting doctor.Haha...Will miss u geh!

Zhen Lim said...

Glad to know you learnt so much from the camp. It's a lil harder for you to keep in touch with your PKTR friends since you're from East Malaysia but make sure you try anyway!

Nicole Pang said...

glad that u enjoyed =)

p/s: don forget your bag anymore.. lol..

all the best la.. haha..

Anonymous said...

trying hard to remember what is my "kata2 hikmat"actually r..haha.
miz u so much ow n opkos da others too...hope to c all of PKTRians(i think almost everyday i keep on dreaming this)
n plg pntg,keep in touch dear..!

**act. i forgot my password thts why i becm unknown nie..hee**